On the May-tour in Europe some people asked where to get hold of Watch It Watch on vinyl. It is now for sale via UK based Norman Records. Here’s what they say about it:


“Yet to perform in the UK, Il Tempo Gigante has gained a reputation for putting on an impressive live show. Shying away from traditional song structures, ‘Watch It Watch’ is an intricately handmade, understated and utterly engaging album of hypnotic compositions which draw the listener into it’s unusual world through various, compelling movements that have an instinctive, spontaneous feel to them.”


Here’s the link:


May tour dates

Dear friends, it’s time to hit the road again, here’s the dates for May, this time the trip goes all the way down to Italy. I’m looking very much forward, see you soon!

08.5. D-München, fünf iar.e-Festival
09.5. CH-Zürich, Lauter Festival @ El Lokal
11.5. A-Graz, Scherbe
13.5. I-Gorizia, L’Alchimista
16.5. I-Venezia, Gatarigole Festival @ Puntocroce
17.5. I-Varese, Twiggy
18.5. I-Roma, Klamm Club
22.5. CH-Vevey, Le Bout du Monde
23.5. CH-Basel, Cafébar Salon
24.5. D-Augsburg, Grandhotel Exil
25.5. D-Tübingen, Café Haag
26.5. D-Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
27.5. D-Bochum, Goldkante
28.5. D-Göttingen, Stilbrvch
29.5. D-Bremen, Kulturbunker
30.5. D-Kiel, Prinz Willy

Thank you

Dear friends, I want to thank YOU the amazing audiences I’ve had up until now on this tour through the German spring. Hamburg, Greifswald, Dresden, Leipzig, Giessen, Hildesheim und gestern Grevenbroich. I feel immensely grateful to be able to continue this adventure.

Ps Tonight I’m playing at Kasette in Düsseldorf – I’ve been looking forward to this since last year.
Oh, and hey, I just got a mail yesterday from a British music magazine. They did a very nice review of the record; look here:!Il-Tempo-Gigante-%2339Watch-it-Watch%2339/cmbz/55096f7a0cf292acc4a7cfa7





Spring tour 2015

Hello friends!

Good news.

We are very happy to announce the German spring tour of 2015.

Here are the shows:

10.3. D-Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
11.3. D-Greifswald, Sotano
12.3. D-Dresden, Thalia Theater
13.3. D-Leipzig, Wärmehalle Süd
14.3. D-Gießen, Alte Kupferschmiede
17.3. D-Hildesheim, Wohnzimmer-Bar
18.3. D-Grevenbroich, Kultus
19.3. D-Düsseldorf, Micro Pop Week @ Kassette
20.3. D-Wuppertal, Hutmacher
21.3. D-Oldenburg, Polyester


-Hope to see many happy faces down there; bis bald!

Il Tempo Gigante on German national TV in 3sat Kulturzeit

Tour is proceeding and I’ve had such great concerts so far. I want to thank everybody that came to the shows. And there’s luckily many more to come…
I woke up this morning here in Olten, Switzerland to a great surprise:

Il Tempo Gigante is on German national TV in 3sat Kulturzeit!


go to 36:20 and you’ll be able to see my latest video of Watch It Watch (which was shot by the very experienced and steady hand of Mr. André Andersen )  and the upcoming tour-dates for the next 20 gigs in Switzerland, Austria and Germany rolling across der Deutche tv-apparatus… Biss bald!



Digital release, new video on nbhap and upcoming tour

Dear all,

I’ve had a wonderful summertour, and now already in less than a week from now, the falltour will begin. I will be going further down south this time to southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria and I’m very much looking forward to meetings with all of you – new and old faces -within the music. With 25 gigs in little less than a month (thank you Florian!) ending in one of my favorite places to be at the moment, I feel like a very lucky man.

The new album Watch It Watch is finally available worldwide on digital medias e.g. on Itunes:

I have now started cooperating with a new small danish label called Resonans. They are very kind people, and will, by hand, help me to custom-make, art design and ship a very limited edition (LP, 200 copies + CD, 50 copies) of the new record on vinyl and CD out to you (from mid October):

And finally my new little music video (which was shot by the very experienced and steady hand of Mr. André Andersen ) is featured on nbhap. It’s shot in one take (the last of the day, take five) with no cutting or editing (for those who care about such details, I should mention that the guitar-mic ran through a tape-delay machine). I hope you will enjoy listening to the song as much as I did singing it :

I wish you a beautiful day, and I hope to see you down south.

Here are the dates:

20.9. D-Wuppertal, Bürgerbahnhof
21.9. D-Bremen, Kulturbunker
23.9. D-Wiesbaden, Wakker
24.9. CH-Basel, Cafébar Salon
25.9. CH-Bern, ISC Club
26.9. CH-Olten, Caveau Sommelier
27.9. CH-Thun, Mundwerk
29.9. CH-Baden, Cava Bar
30.9. D-Waldshut, Stellwerk
1.10. CH-Luzern, Treibhaus
2.10. CH-St. Gallen, Stickerei
4.10. D-Stuttgart, Galao
5.10. D-Augsburg, Bedroomdisco
6.10. D-München, tba
7.10. D-Traunstein, Festung
8.10. A-Wien, Clash
9.10. A-Innsbruck, Die Bäckerei
10.10. D-Nürnberg, USG 6
11.10. D-Leipzig, Wärmehalle Süd
12.10. D-Chemnitz, Kessel Buntes Straßenfestival
13.10. D-Fulda, Underground
15.10. D-Bochum, Goldkante
16.10. D-Aachen, Musikbunker
17.10. D-Köln, Wohngemeinschaft
18.10. D-Kiel, Prinz Willy

If you want to participate on FB:

Be well!




ITG concerts Summer 2014

Hello everyone, here’s the updated summer-tour for Germany starting this saturday in Dresden.
Looking forward to seeing you out there!

19.7. D-Dresden, Thalia Gardens Festival
20.7. D-Chemnitz, Odradek
23.7. D-Berlin, Schokoladen
24.7. D-Kiel, Muthesius-Kunsthochschule (Open Air)
26.7. D-Hamburg, Bedroomdisco
30.7. D-Oldenburg, Kultursommer @ Polyester
31.7. D-Wuppertal, Utopiastadt
01.8. D-Münster, Tante August
02.8. D-Hannover, Galeria Lunar

Three additional gigs has come up! I will be playing before Christian Kjellvander on the following dates (1st gig tonight):

22.3  D-Frankfurt, Brotfabrik

24.3 D-Trier, Brunnenhof

25.3 CH-Aarau, Tuchlaube